What is Hybrid Cloud? Why is it important?

Nowadays, the trend of using Cloud Computing is growing so fast. Hybrid Cloud is not an exception. It brings a lot of benefits to our lives. So what is Hybrid Cloud and Why is it important? This article will suppy you with all useful information.

What is Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid Cloud combines Private and Public Cloud services. It links private and Public Cloud through an encryption system to ensure the flexibility of data transfer and the use of applications. In general, a Hybrid Cloud model consists of three parts: Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Cloud service (we also call it management platform).

What is Hybrid Cloud? Why is it important?

Why is it important?

1. Flexibility

One of the most wonderful and undeniable advantages of Hybrid Cloud is that users do not have to push all the data to the cloud and still use resources as efficiently as the Public Cloud. Hybrid Cloud allows users to take advantage of the flexibility of Cloud storage, using resources only when you need it, without having to send all your data to another data center, in a very simple way.

2. Convenience

Using a hybrid cloud can be especially helpful in the office, because it can keep important mission-critical machines always accessible. Moreover, hybrid cloud can connect a lot of systems such as CRM, scheduling tools, and other office equipment such as fax machines, security cameras,… It is very amazing, is not it?

3. Adaptability

In addition to endless possibilities, cloud computing can adapt to any change. For example, businesses can choose to increase the number of visitors from 2,000 to 10,000 per day during the Christmas promotion.

Another instance is that businesses are free to switch from the private network to the integrated network, or temporarily expand their storage capacity. Cloud computing can do everything in a smooth way. It is clear that Hybrid Cloud is very useful for users.

4. Sustainable cooperation and no disruption

A common situation is that you are disoriented when tracking a project. The reason is that after repeatedly sending the file back and forth, the discussion becomes chaotic, so many files have been modified so that no one recognizes the final product. With cloud computing, the file is centrally stored and consistent, accessed anywhere, creating a virtual space where everyone directly discusses, shares a file and receives feedback.This makes work productivity significantly improve, minimize trouble, increase customer satisfaction.

5. Security

Security is a big issue in the Cloud. Public Cloud is not completely secure and safe. Hybrid Cloud will find the solutions to this problems. It can be relatively easy to abstract sensitive workloads or to store sensitive data into Private Clouds or dedicated servers to ensure security according to customer requirements. In addition, it is also easy to manage incoming or outgoing traffic from the Private Cloud to the Public Cloud and vice versa.

Choosing Hybrid Cloud service providers is up to users.

In conclusion, it is undeniable that the demand for Hybrid Cloud is increasing so rapidly. Knowing and understanding Hybrid Cloud well will help users use it in a smart and proper way.


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