Top 7 amazing study abroad destinations

Studying abroad will give you the opportunity to learn a new language, get acquainted with a new culture, and have new experiences. So, if you have decided to study abroad, where will you go?

Top 7 amazing study abroaod destinations

1. Denmark

Denmark pours into the list into such factors as friendliness, comprehensive community. With a lot of outstanding hotels and imaginative landscapes, many of the places where users choose to focus. The Danish education system is recognized for its creativity with a well-recognized degree worldwide, giving students a platform for future career advancement.

2. New Zealand

New Zealand holds the 7th place in the 2013 Best Places (Best Study Destinations for 2013). This is a safe country with a low crime rate. It is actually an amazing study abroad destinations.

3. Australia

Australia is famous for many beautiful landscapes, the same education system development. The tuition fees in this country are quite cheap while the qualifications are high. Australians speak a native language from the German language and most people speak English, so this is a great place to practice your language skills. The relaxed, dynamic atmosphere in Australia will be the place where international students often search and appreciate. Australia has many good universities and the quality of life here is excellent. At the same time, this is also a perfect destination for people who love social activities. Australia is one of the most urbanized countries in the world, and so the city life is very comfortable and fun. Melbourne and Sydney are the best cities to study abroad and have fun when it comes to free time.

4. Japan

Japan today is a peaceful place for learning. Here, you can explore the rich heritage of Tokyo, the city of 30 million people living, or find a quiet garden around the city. It is also ideal for studying engineering.

5. Canada

Canada is one of the most peaceful countries in the world, with a well-known population of friendly and beautiful natural scenery. Moreover, this country is well-educated and multicultural society. Imagine and incorporating New York with a bit of Las Vegas, you’ll start to find yourself living in the beautiful city of Montreal – Canada. It is a city with world-renowned festivals, the world’s largest comedy festival Just For Laughs and the Montreal Jazz Festival. Canada also provides you with a great learning environment and cultural intercourse. As Canadians are the most friendly people in the world.

6. Sweden

Sweden is a prosperous, hospitable country and especially possesses a great deal of study, work and entertainment programs. This country is often considered a model for society and economy. Currently, there are about 30,000 international students studying here, creating a multicultural environment for all students. It is noteworthy that the education of this country attaches great importance to the development of skills for students. >> About Sweden >> About the course in Sweden

7. Ireland

The list is Ireland, the country famous for hospitality. Although there are only 9 training institutions, Ireland owns a wide variety of disciplines for you to choose from, both undergraduate and postgraduate. Moreover, this is also a great place for students who want to learn English and look forward to the opportunity to practice speaking skills in everyday life. Ireland has a world of culture and tradition. Walk down the beautiful streets of Dublin between live music performers and visit one of the bars here. Irish universities have a very scientific approach to management as well as a friendly atmosphere.

Deciding where you will study can be one of the hardest decisions in life and one of the most important decisions. Thinking about where you want to live for at least three years is very important. Hope that the amazing study abroad destinations will be helpful for you.


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