Things you should know about college study abroad

College study abroad is an exciting experience, promising to bring a lot of interesting knowledge, opportunities, and memories. However, a study trip should only really depart when you already know what to know when studying abroad. Here are some important facts you need to know:

Things you should know about college study abroad

1. Learn about the college study abroad destination and surroundings

Before starting to study abroad, you need to know thoroughly about the institution (school, institute, center) that you intend to study from many different sources. The necessary information such as field of study, training program, quality of training, the capacity of training and scientific research, research /teaching staff … you can refer to information with overseas study consultants for advice on the most appropriate school options.

Knowing the language, life,  the culture will help you less confused when you arrive. Information on dormitories, boarding houses such as in the school room for foreign students, rooms in how many people, living conditions, how close to the school, travel is not favorable … also What you need to know before you go to school.

2. College study abroad

At each school there are different rules about your admission requirements. The easiest way is to find information on the school website, if anything is unclear you can email directly to the support or to the center for study abroad for more guidance. In terms of finance, while studying abroad, you live alone and without a family is a very important part of your financial life, so it is essential that you have enough money for school and food for at least a year. . Income from work is not covered by all major expenses such as school fees, housing allowance, meals in a year.

3. Take a medical examination

In addition to the necessary physical exams, you must understand your own health as it is costly and above all complicated (in the explanation given to your doctor). for example, documents and insurance. Equipped with a small medicine cabinet with painkillers, nasal discharge … is also very important.

4. Prepare study abroad documents and documents for visa (visa)

Once you know the school’s admission requirements, you will know what you need to be prepared for, but to be more active, it is a good idea to prepare yourself in advance for a set of common papers. Usually any school needs. Because, if you want to “jump to the feet” – it will be very hard, expensive, sometimes delayed, and in a hurry, can prepare poorly, easily eliminated. When you study abroad, you must enter another country, in order to enter the country you have to be the government of that country, namely the embassy / consulate (or the embassy, if you I do not have embassy in Vietnam) visa, visa.

5. Determine thoughts

Do not think that studying abroad is going to be a jaunt, wherever you are, you will face difficulties in learning and living. College study abroad means that you have to be self-sufficient, experience family and friends while living in a strange place

But besides that, you will surely have good friends that you do not expect, especially they are from different places, different languages, different skin color, and customs.

6. Prepare for return plan

Many of us are so eager to study abroad without thinking about the future after graduation. It is important to know what you want back when you return, as it will help you enjoy the years away from home with more advantages when it comes to the purpose. Determining a long-term plan will also make it easier for you to make decisions about the subject you are free to choose.

In conclusion, it is clear that you should know well about college study abroad and enjoy the time you study. Hope that this article is helpful for you.


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